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Git & GitHub Tutorial

3 minute read

I started using git and GitHub mostly after I started working with OSG and I realized that I should have started using it way before. My aim for this post is...

OSG User School 2023

1 minute read

This was my second year instructing and helping the participants of OSG User School. We had a great applicant pool this year. OSG organinizes this school eve...

ASNT Conference

1 minute read

This was my first time attending the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) conference in person. Last year, I had a presentation related to my di...

HCC Summer Workshop 2023

2 minute read

Holland Computing Center Holland Computing Center (HCC) is located at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It provides computing resources to the affiliates of Un...

GPN Annual Meeting 2023

1 minute read

This was my first time at the Great Plains Network (GPN) conference. It is a regional conference. The universities in South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansa...

Ultrasonic NDE

1 minute read

Ultrasound refers a sound wave having a frequency of beyond 20000 Hz. Just like normal speech sounds echo is also noticed in case of ultrasound. Using the ec...