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This was my first time attending the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) conference in person. Last year, I had a presentation related to my dissertation and had received the travel grant too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the conference and my adviser ended up presenting on my behalf. However, this year I got a chance to travel and met with the leaders in the NDE field.

Turner group at ASNT

Trevor and Ramon presented their work on quantifying case carburization depth and detecting MTR (Micro-textured-regions). The work was funded by Rolls Royce and Amsted Rail Brenco. Below is the group photo. We got a chance to meet with Andrea, Chris and Yongfeng (former Turner Lab members). Below is the group photo.

Turner Lab at ASNT research symposium 2023
Turner Lab at ASNT research symposium 2023

Interesting Presentations at ASNT

Almost all the talks that I attended were very good. Some of the extra-ordinary work and plenary talk that I liked are

  • Work from Mike Lowe’s group
  • Air Force Research Laboratory’s work on finding the ground truth in X-ray CT data. It was interesting to know that based on the type of X-ray CT machine-(resolution, Contrast to Noise Ratio (CNR)) the amount of detected pores were very different. CNR was the main important factor in detecting porosity of different depths
  • The statistics related presentation of Miss Jennifer Brown made me regret not taking enough statistics courses during my Ph.D.
  • The presentation of Bruce Drinkwater on “Are the robots coming?”