I am a HPC Applications Specialist working with the Holland Computing Center and a Research Computing Facilitator at the OSG. Specifically I help and teach researchers on using the resources of OSPool. My educational background is in mechanical engineering and I obtained my PhD degree with a focus on ultrasonic NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation) of materials. I worked with Dr. Joseph Turner at the MME dept. My dissertation was focused on characterizing two-phase polycristalline materials using ultrasonic responses from synthetic microstructures. My research work was computationally on the heavier side and that introduced me to the world of High Performance and High Throughput Computing.

Using my research background on Ultrasonic NDE and my expertise in the computing world, I am aiming towards solving the computationally challenging problems in my research domain. I am specifically interested in the distributed computing which is not used that much in engineering and has a lot of potential to make an impact towards increasing our knowledge. I also enjoy teaching classes and offer courses at UNL. I enjoy working with challenging problems, coding, learning new technologies. I aim to share my findings on my website and in my GitHub. I am also an amateur photographer. I enjoy traveling and phtographing wildlife and landscapes.